Italy: Italian Industrial Hemp Overview 2020

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Hemp cultivation in Italy is legal since January 2017 when the Italian law No. 242/2016 promoting hemp cultivation and its industrial uses entered into force, leading to a sector revival, with more than 800 farms cultivating 4,000 hectares (ha) as an alternative to durum wheat. Approximately 80 percent of the Italian hemp production is destined to the food industry. The remaining 20 percent goes to green building, cosmetics, and nutraceutical sectors. On January 15, 2020, the Italian Ministry of Health published a decree on the Official Gazette setting the maximum level of THC content allowed in hemp food at 2 milligrams/kilogram for hempseeds, hempseed flour, and supplements containing ingredients derived from hemp; and 5 milligrams/kilogram for hempseed oil.

Italy: Italian Industrial Hemp Overview 2020


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