Egypt: FAIRS Country Report

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This report is updated to include updates Egypt’s new import procedures for corn, soybeans, and wheat, which will come into force on January 1, 2017. Under decree 2992/2016, issued by the Egyptian Prime Minister, the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s (MTI) General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC) will be the only authorized government agency responsible for the inspection of corn, soybeans, and wheat at ports of origin. To accomplish this, GOEIC will annually contract international survey companies to conduct inspections at ports of origin, assuring compliance with Egyptian standards. The new decree will eliminate food inspection procedures by multiple ministries. The Central Administration for Plant Quarantine and the Ministry of Health will still play roles in domestic inspections, but it will fall to GOEIC to determine if a shipment meets GoE requirements.

Egypt: FAIRS Country Report


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