Egypt: FAIRS Annual Country Report

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In June 2022, Egypt launched a trial phase of the Advanced Clearance Information (ACI) system on airfreight, in which a three-month grace period will be extended prior to enforcement. Within this system, traders must register with the designated platforms (CargoX for exporters and importers, and ACI for importers only). In this trial phase, the new customs system has reduced an average clearance time from 28 days to nine days, with an end goal of a one-day clearance timeframe. The Egyptian government is no longer requiring authentication on Certificates of Origin from the Egyptian Embassy. However, authentication of animal health certificates is still required. Egypt's halal requirement on milk and dairy products is still under question.

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The EU's intricate biotechnology policy hinders research and restricts innovative tools for farmers. This results in substantial imports of genetically engineered (GE) feed and limited domestic GE crop production.
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