Canada: Livestock and Products Annual

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Both the Canadian cattle and swine herd will see contraction to begin 2022. The impacts from the 2021 drought will result in a lower Canadian calf crop in 2022. Imports of U.S. cattle are forecast to be stable on 2021 as there is a continued need to supplement the declining Canadian herd numbers. Lower carcass weights will see a reduction in beef production but strong global demand will support sustained export volumes. The construction of hog finishing space and additional slaughter capacity will support a larger Canadian pig crop in 2022. Assuming a resolution of processing capacity disruptions in 2022, fewer Canadian hogs will be exported to the United States. Pork production will also be modestly reduced on lower carcass weights. As with beef, the United States remains as the dominant import/export market for Canada for pork products. COVID-19 pandemic impacts are expected to linger into Fall and Winter 2021/22.

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On September 1, 2021, Mexico’s new Law on Transparency, Prevention, and Measures Against Advertising Contract Misconduct entered into force.