Pork & Pork Products

U.S. Pork & Pork Products Exports in 2021

Total Export Value
$8.1 Billion
Total Volume (Millions)
3 Metric Tons
3-Year Average
$7.59 Billion
Compound Average Growth
2.5% (2012-2021)

Top 10 Markets for Pork & Pork Products in 2021

Market Total Value (USD)
Japan $1.69 Billion
China $1.69 Billion
Mexico $1.68 Billion
Canada $952.86 Million
South Korea $557.95 Million
Colombia $257.85 Million
Philippines $205.45 Million
Australia $196.83 Million
Dominican Republic $150.75 Million
Honduras $114.81 Million
Top 10 Pork & Pork Products Export Markets 2012 - 2021
Annual Pork & Pork Products Exports 2012 - 2021

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Data and Analysis

In a signed letter to the Veterinary Medical Officer of USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), dated January 12, 2023, the Acting Chief Veterinary Officer of the Ghanaian Veterinary Services Directorate of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture acknowledged receipt of the FSIS’ proposed certificate of export for pork and pork products, and confirmed its acceptance.
On January 10, 2023, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare/Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) issued an order pertaining to FSSAI Order TIC-20012/2/2021-IMPORTS-FSSAI (E-2475), extending for a second time, the effective compliance date.
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